Schedule repeating events not as expected

CMS version: Linux Docker 2.3.12

I create the following event

Dayparting: Custom
Start Time: 2022-01-06 01:00 (Thursday)
End Time: 2022-01-07 01:00 (Friday)

Repeats: weekly - Thursday
Every: 1
Until: empty

On the schedule I see, as expected, for every Thursday and Friday a recurring event.
When I look at other months in the schedule I see extra recurring events on the first of a month if that day is a Tuesday, so on 2022-02-01, 2022-03-01, 2022-11-01!

Do I something wrong?

Thank you for your message bartsr. I have tested this and also seen the same behaviour. The issue has been reported to the development team for further investigation.
Thank you for letting us know about this issue.

Many Thanks.

Thank You Dan,
The same behaviour in the version 3 CMS Linux Docker.
For a weekly repeated event from friday till monday more extra weekdays in several months are recurring.

This is a follow up to confirm that the issue has now been confirmed by the developers. Here is a link to the issue report so you can track its progress:

Thank you again for making us aware of this issue.

This problem with the schedule it’s also apear for Repeat per hour, minute… for Intrerupt layout and Overlay.

Thank you for your message hypnomedia. The fix for this issue has been added in the 2.3.14 CMS release, which came out yesterday. Can you upgrade to 2.3.14 and confirm if the issue is resolved?

Many Thanks.

Thank You Daniel!

Repeating weekly works as expected (after deleting and recreating the events)



Excellent news, thank you for confirming the issue is resolved.

Many Thanks.

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