Schedule Reboot through shell commands daily


Can any users help me out in scheduling rebooting of players on a daily basis? I have created a layout with shell command “shutdown -r”. I want to reboot my 150 players daily at 23:00 hrs. Once the players boot they should play the scheduled campaigns/layouts. I am confused in what start time and end time should i mention and what other parameters to be set in schedule. Details of my XIBO setup :

CMS - 1.7.7
Client Players : Windows 1.7.7


Please try this.

Create a layout with one region containing three media as follows.
(1) text: “player will restart soon”, duration 45 seconds. This will allow you to abort the shell command if this layout happens to start while you’re doing maintenance on a player.
(2) shell command.
(3) text: “player is restarting now”, duration 900 seconds. This will prevent the player from attempting to execute multiple instances of the shell command, should it require more than 45 seconds to execute.

Schedule it to start at 23:00 hrs and end at 23:01 hrs the same day. Repeat every 1 day until some date in the future (e.g. Dec.31, 2016)

Dear RLaurette,

Thanks for your support… I think i will have to reschedule my layouts too. To set for timings.


You may not need to adjust your existing schedules.

In the schedule for this new layout, place a check in the priority checkbox. If no other layouts running from 23:00 hrs to 23:01 hrs have their priority checkbox checked, this one will run.

Thanks RLaurette … i have tested on a demo pc and now put to the network for scheduled reboot today. Lets see. Again thanks for your support.

Because we don’t have wake on LAN enabled, I had to use windows scheduled tasks. Also we used nircmd to perform some tasks like reboot or turning the monitor off