Schedule Manager Thread /XMR is dead

My main issue is that screens will randomly go black.
The only consistent error I’ve found is this one:
Schedule Manager Thread, Agent threads/XMR is dead, not updating status.json

I’ve tried looking on several other support topic threads with no real answer anywhere.

I recently upgraded to 2.0 on the player and server to try and stop the issue.

Could I ask what version CMS and type of Player you are currently using? It would also be helpful if you could provide further information as to what you are displaying in your Layout.

Thank you

2.0, windows
we are displaying video files

In my experience having one instance of that error message logged is normal on each run of the Player, so it’s unlikely to be what is causing your issue.

Please check your Windows Event Log. I suspect you’ll see a message along the lines of “Windows has prevented access to the graphics driver” there.

That happens because of fault graphics drivers.

You must update your graphics drivers with the latest available from the chip manufacturer (for example Intel) rather than the latest from Windows Update.