Schedule Invalid after 24h

Dear Support,

I am facing an interesting problem, My Layout is working and receiving following error after around 12-24 hours.

4815842 17-03-27 09:11:22 Display Client DisplayManager Default Layout failed: canRun Test
4815841 17-03-27 09:11:22 Display Client DisplayManager Cannot set the next Layout from the Schedule. Schedule Invalid

If I restart the Android MINX Box, it will work again for another 12-24 hours.
After the estimated time, the Xibo Server writes that error in the log output and the screen becomes black with the xibo logo.

I am using following software versions:
Xibo CMS: 1.7.9
Android Client: R62

Client Status:

As I can see, the mp4 Files are being blacklisted.
What I don’t understand is, it is blacklisting after 12hours, since when I restart the Android Box it works fine for 1day.

I have checked the current Time & Timezone.
It is exact the same, as it is on the server.

Any assist would be great.

Are those mp4 H264 encoded videos? (that’s the most android friendly format/encoding)

You can disable blacklisting videos in the display profile, I’m not sure why they become blacklisted after x hours, if there would be something wrong with them, then it should blacklist them immediately.

Could you check if they are fully downloaded (Displays page -> Media inventory) and if there are any other errors in the logs for this display?

The mp4 Videos are H264 encoded.

I could not find where to disable “blacklisting videos” Can you advice me for the settings option?
When I go to Display -> Edit -> ?
The files are fully downloaded on the client.

I’ve readed some other support thread, where it says that the “Rights” should be added to “public” and not "private

No unfortently not, it is adding the same log output (same 2 lines all the time)

@Yeah the problem is weird, I was checking and trying around alone, but I couldn’t find any solution.
I need to restart the whole android MINX Box - restarting the Xibo APP only dosen’t help.
My Xibo Box is fully licensed.

It’s in display settings -> edit display profile assigned to your device -> Troubleshooting

Are you using Public storage or internal storage on this device?
Open Xibo for Android -> Settings

what box is it exactly? (mark, model, android version)

Thanks I found the blacklist setting, and turned it right now off for android.

Mark: MINX
Model: NEO-X6
Android Version: 4.4.2
Kernel Version: 3.10.33
Xibo App: 1.7 R62

I am using internal storage actually.

So far its working, so far I disabled the blacklist option, it seems to be stable working.
Any idea why my videos get blacklisted? Perhaps what reason could that be?

Videos get blacklisted when we try to play them and there’s an error.

It could be a subtle hardware flaw with the particular device you have, overheating, a marginal encoding on a particular video file or even something like flash storage corruption that triggers the error, which then leads to the video being blacklisted.

The X6 isn’t a device we recommend or have extensively tested so I can’t comment on which of those is more likely, or how reliable I’d expect it to be in that application.

Thank you for your reply Sir.

According to that, we chose the X6 as an affordable hardware solution for our xibo displays.
We have about 10 displays, all Android licensed.
The error occured on 7 of them that play the same layout, so I thought its a “Layout Problem”, since we have different layouts and only that layout caused us this troubles.

But after turning off the blacklist, it runs about 2 days (24hours schedule) now without any problem.

I am lookin forward to upgrade to 1.8 including Docker.

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