Schedule event daily

I would like to schedule a layout that runs every day from 08:00 to 18:00.

After that, but switches off in standby. Or replaced by a freeze frame.
This event should then be played automatically every day.

Is that possible?
Shutting down in standby and waking up automatically would be the best solution for me.

Thank you for your message. You can create a Layout that will run from 8:00 to 18:00 and set it to repeat every day by using the below Event as an example:

Once this Event finishes, whatever Layout you have set as your Default Layout will now appear on your Display until the next Event is due to appear. You could set an image or other Layout that you want as the Default to achieve the freeze frame you are referring to.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to have the Display on “standby”, this will depend on the functionality of your device running your Xibo Player. Please note that if your device and screen do not support the protocols used for controlling the screen, HDMI-CEC or RS232 for example, you will not be able to put the screen onto standby.

I have included a link to the Commands documentation for more information on how you might schedule commands to run after the Layout finishes, so that a Command to switch off the connected screen is run, then before it starts a new command could switch the screen back on.

Many Thanks.

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Thank you very much für this answer.
The planing of the layouts works.

I read the command-functionality, but i can’t find any other commands.
do you have a list of all Commands?

And do you know, if its an update for a ,Locker-Mode’’ for the Screen? the best thing would be to type 5 times on the screen. After that, an input window should open, where you can enter the code to unlock.

Is any update still working?

Thank you for your work and help

Thanks for the reply, I’m glad the example schedule has helped.

As mentioned in my message, the ability to switch off your screen connected to your Player will depend on the device you are using and the protocols it supports. For example, if your screen and device running your Player both support HDMI-CEC commands, you will need to find out from the Manufacturer what those HDMI-CEC commands are so you can send them to the screen to cause it to switch Off and/or On. There is not a list of all commands as there are a huge number of commands, depending on your device and screen model, you will need to find these out independently and test to see if they are working.

The same is true for RS232 for example, you will need to find out if your device and screen support RS232 and what the commands are that would allow you to switch the screen on and off.

Regarding the "“locker-mode” you mentioned, this is not a functionality that is planned for the future development of Xibo. There are apps that you can download that will lock the touchscreen for you but you will need to find and test these yourself to see if they provide what you are looking for.

Many Thanks.

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