Schedule does not work on 1.8.1

Sorry to disappoint you,
i have done programming of a scheduling that works exactly as i have explained.
I also know dozens of Digital Signage software which does exactly what i have explained.

“This is the one of the simplest ways you can tell to the computer what to do when you do a scheduling with out anything else involved.
Start date: 30.07.2017
Start time: 17:30
End date: 25.08.2017
End time: 18:15
This will tell to the computer to start from the given date and display the content between 17:30 - 18:15 which is total of 45 minutes/day not 24 hours.”

Start date & End date ==> Here you set the date period
Start time & End time ==> Here you set the time period
The time period 17:30 - 18:15 does absolutely not include 24h, it is only 45 minutes

Xibo has it’s own way of working, there is nothing wrong about it.
My point here is,
things can be done in much easier and simpler way.
Computer does understand and will execute if you tell it to do the job as i have described.

This means,
we can,

  • Schedule a single media item in a layout without scheduling the layout itself. Our layout will be shown always but if we have a specific item that is scheduled in it, will be displayed during the time of the schedule.
  • Schedule a layout to be shown at a specific part of the day without need of using DayParting
  • use just a single layout and schedule specific items in it without creating 10-20 different layouts for scheduling each one separately and doing lot of more work by creating DayParting to schedule for specific hours of the day.

“You don’t need to use a daypart at all, if you notice Peter’s example above, it’s set the schedule for the time frame within the day you want the content shown, (as you originally specified, 13:00 - 16:00) for a single day (30/07/2017), and then use the repeat tab to have it repeat that schedule daily until 25/08/2017.”

I did this and it does not work. It kept playing before the time was started and kept playing after the time was ended. Which most likely is a bug in 1.8.1

Ok, it’s obvious that you are not going to see the error in your logic when it comes to the scheduling aspect of Xibo CMS. I would think the staff of the company that develops the system would know how it works. If you have seen other systems that work as you describe, than I would respectfully suggest you get one of them working and use it. You are simply not grasping the error in your logic when it from the start date/time and end date/time. I’ve tried my best to explain it, and I have failed. For that I am sorry.

I also do not believe you have setup the layout exactly as Peter described and I tried to explain from a slightly different point of view. I would be willing to bet money if you set it up as Peter’s screenshots show, it would work as you expect and not as you have told it to.

But alas, we must agree to disagree and I’m done trying to help on this issue. Best of luck…


I think this topic became unnecessary long and complicated.

@ltaylorwarren Described it very well for you, I’m not sure what else can I say to make you try to set the schedule as we both suggested.

I do not know what other systems you’ve used, but I’d appreciate if you were willing to listen to what I’ve said to you couple of times already in this topic, as I do have ‘some’ idea how Xibo works.

You want to display this specific layout from 17:30 to 18:15 every day, until 25 of August, I believe that’s correct?

Please do listen this time and set it as follows:

That will do exactly what you want.

I do not know what else to tell you, other than to try to set it up as I said above.

Hi Peter,
my apologies for the trouble.

I have been trying to explain 2 issues.

  1. The scheduling could be much simpler and easier without having any extra work. It could be like i have been trying to describe: Start date: xxx End date: xx should set the the date period and Start time: xx End time: xx should start the time period which was a suggestion and has been a suggestion all the way long. This will make the scheduling easier and simpler for the users. I hope this could be considered in up coming versions. This has really got nothing to do of me listening what you or someone else said, because i have been listening all the time and doing exactly as advised.

  2. The suggestion which you have made originally and making now also in your latest post, does not unfortunately work. I am probably not able to explain which i have tried several times. When i do exactly as you say, the media which is scheduled to be displayed in Windows 7 client starts playing immediately and does not stop when it should.

we either have a bug in version 1.8.1 or my system (2 of my demo servers + several players) has some issues that i am not aware of.

I have left it yesterday as it was and was planning to reboot the computer after clearing the cache from the display.
I have now cleared the cache and rebooted the computer.
Will repeat it and let you know if it works.

Please see the attached images.

I have found the problem!
After clearing the cache and rebooting the player, i re-created the schedule and wait for it to start. It never started.
I rebooted the player again and it didn’t help, my schedule simply won’t start.

I have cleared the cache and re-created again by setting a new time schedule and the result was same.

I have sent another schedule which had no specific hours (regular schedule with priority), it started to play as scheduled and worked.

I have closed the CMS waited about 30 minutes and reopened it. Went to the schedule where i have specific hours, opened it and pressed save again and BOOOM! it started to show the right schedule.
Than i have waited for the schedule to see if it ends as scheduled, it did.

the problem seems to be,
when it is saved once, it doesn’t seem to be validated to the player somehow but when saved second time, it goes to the player and works.
I was able to do this test 3 times and i got it work each time after saving second time.
It seems to behave in exact same way with both Windows 7 and Windows 10 clients.

please light me up about this, can you duplicate this?
Please notice,
both my clients and CMS are 1.8.1