Samsung Tizen can't connect to my CMS


A few days ago I received an email with the news that Xibo supports Samsung TVs with Tizen SSSP 5.0 & 6.0.
I have a Samsung QB43N myself and saw that it was in the list of supporting signage TVs.

I followed the steps on the mail but got stuck when i entered the CMS url at ‘URL Launcher’ on the Samsung TV. I bumped back on the error message: “Unable to start the application. Please try again.”

I have checked the settings in Xibo and did not see a problem. At the ‘Player Version’ in Xibo, I have added the WGT file and filled in the additional info. At ‘Display Settings’, Tizen is set to default plus i entered the additional info at ‘E-mail Address’ and ‘Player Version’.

Do I forget anything else?

Thank you in advance,

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Mats Van Overwalle

Welcome to the Community!

the Xibo for Tizen Player is currently on a closed Beta. You can therefore open a ticket on the Xibo help desk for further support:

When you open a ticket please provide the information you have given above in your post. If possible, please also provide screenshots showing that the CMS URL has been correctly entered into the URL Launcher on your Samsung display, as well as the Display Profile settings for Tizen and the Player version page showing the Player WGT.

Many Thanks.

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