Running Xibo in Local Network?

i have 2 laptop and connect in same router (network)

  • Laptop 1 as Xibo server with local IP
  • Laptop 2 as Xibo Client with Local IP 192.168.13
  • Router IP
  • public IP 180.253.103.XXX

when im trying to connect with xibo client player with cms address http:/
i got problem invalid URI : the URI scheme is not valid .
both of laptop turn of firewall.

pls answer my question …

Isn’t there supposed to be a second slash after http:// ?
And maybe you could drop the :80 as it is by default.
Do you still have the problem?


i got invalid URI :The authority/host could not be parsed

thanks i solved this problem

Please can u tell me how to connect 2 laptops ,one as the client and another server using LAN!!

Exactly as shown above. Install the CMS on one, get the IP address of that. The install the Player on the other noting the URL you used, and then configure the player for http://ip.address.of.server/xibo or whatever the directory name you used was.

Does I need router to connect to laptops?..or can I do this just using LAN?