Running Jquery is too lag

I have a html5 application running very smooth with “Preview” feature but when i applied it to a display something is not right.

The application run very slow, the image and text is very lag.
I use Xibo app on Minix 5 Mini.

Maybe somebody can help:


on my z64 the first load did take awhile, but after that it seems to be fine.

It will probably depend on android version and perhaps firmware version as well.

That lags a fair bit on my desktop PC. I see lots of dropped frames.

You’ll need to reconsider what HTML5 animations your hardware is capable of displaying I’m afraid.

Thanks Alex and Peter for helping me.
I am using Android Minix 5 mini with latest version (4.4.2).
The file is playing well on my Windows PC with Chrome and IE.
Do you have any other ideal with this version of Android and HTML5 animation like this ?

I’m on a Corei5 with a nvidia graphics card and your animations drop frames for me. There’s no way an ARM CPU is going to be able to handle that kind of thing.

You’d need to build it as a video I think if it needs to look exactly as it does now.

Thank Alex,
I dont know why the animation play quite well on HTC 8s Windows Phone with very low CPU Rate.
The first time it load quite long but after that the animation played well not the same as Minix.
So i dont think the CPU and GPU cause this problem.

After some tests with our developers i can confirm that:
The delay of animation on Xibo is depend on the density of Jquery or Javascript query number.

Xibo doesn’t render HTML. Android WebView does. Your animation would run that way on any other Android application using WebViews.