Running html page from local

Hey everyone,

I am trying to run an webpage that I created, but from the local/server computer being used to host xibo. If I target a webpage it works fine, but when I try to target it local, nothing works.

I am trying to run an Instagram feed ( ) and it works when I double click the html file I created, just can’t get Xibo to run it.

Any ideas?

You’d need to embed it with it’s proper URL

So for example:

Beware though most scripting will fail in that configuration as Internet Explorer applies different security to that.

Much better to put your code in to Xibo (via the Embedded HTML media type) and let it handle that for you.

First, thank you for the reply! I tried that already, but for some reason it doesn’t come up, let me try it again because I think I might have had too many slashes in there.

I thought of doing it that way (embedded), but I am just learning this stuff so I wouldn’t know where to start. BUT, I will see what I can figure out.

Thank you again!

Maybe I am missing something ,but I can’t get the page to show at all. I have tried to enter the file path under “webpage”, should it be something else?

It may be the very of IE that Xibo embeds - perhaps try: Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

I find it useful to enable the mouse with a display profile and then right click on the Xibo window where you think the webpage should have opened… you can then “View Source” and see what IE thinks it is showing.

Is there a way to change browsers? Maybe use chrome instaeD?

There is an experimental CEF integration which you can switch on in the Windows client however it’s not that stable. That brings Chrome instead of IE, but you would be far better off making your code work with IE at this time.

Thank you again for the input, it is greatly appreciated. Going to do the registry idea linked above. Just need to figure out one thing: It says new key, so I put in a new key and then add a dword to that key, correct?

From the Microsoft guide linked from that article:

Internet Explorer
XiboClient.exe = (DWORD) 00008000

So FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION is the key, and XiboClient.exe is a DWORD value.

Thank you Alex. From the guide in the link above I was confused because it said add a key. This makes more sense. Once I add the dword later I will give it a shot.

Well, I give up. I can’t seem to run it locally, but when I run it off a website it works fine.

I thank you immensely for your help thus far!

This is probably a dumb comment from me :smiling_imp: but when you click it, is it opening in IE?

Aside from that the only thing I can think of is letting us have the HTML and we will try and run it ourselves when we get a moment.

Yes, it runs in IE. I made sure to try it in all browsers. Like I said, the interesting piece is that runs fine in Xibo when I put it up on a webserver, but to run it locally it won’t run.

How can I send you the files?

Ideally pop them in a drop box or something similar and we will collect them - I can’t promise we will look straight away i’m afraid, but we shall try.

No Problem. I will do that and let you know here as soon as I can get to it (got to get back to teaching).

Hey guys, Here is a link to the zip folder with my files in it.

Hi Alex,
it’s possible alse with Android player?