Running everything locally? Hardware-advice?


Hi, so as I found out so far the Raspberry Pi (and Linux in general, beside Android) player was ditched?
I wonder if I can run the server-side part on a Pi3 locally? All those DigitalSignage-solutions out there need a online-connection which is not possible for our project. I need something that only uses local hardware.

I really doubt the “the Pi3 is too slow”, I’m running 1080p60 on it without any problems. So, any recommendations? Oder solutions recommended to buy a IntelAtom board and a 3G-stick… I laughed and ignored that software from that time on.


Hi Phin,

You can most definitely use the RPi as a server for Xibo. It won’t be as performant as an Intel system, but you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a complete out-of-the-box solution, there is some really good hardware quite a bit more modern than the aging RPi.


There has NEVER been an official player for RPi. We’ve never recommended it. Infact we’ve always said it’s not suitable. We even have an FAQ on it here:

You can definitely run the CMS on an RPi if you want to do your own custom installation, and build the zmq modules yourself, but it just isn’t suitable for playback as a Player. You say you can run 1080p content on it, but that’s ALL you’re doing. A Player has alot more work to do than just showing a video. It also has to handle downloads, scheduling, and compositing other media items at the same time. Add to that the horribly closed nature of the hardware and therefore poor driver support, it adds up to a really bad choice of platform.