RSS wont display from local/intranet sources only web

I’m in the process of moving to Docker 1.8.2 from windows server iis 1.7.9 and I’ve hit an error with my XML RSS feeds
I have a script that extracts the RSS from Sharepoint using windows auth and spits out an XML file into the userscripts folder.
I was having some issues with the new 1.8.2 installation not showing my XML file and complaining about incorrect encoding and not being able to change it.
My script was outputting UTF-8 XiboDocker1.8.2 seems to want UTF-16.

I’ve now realised that the ticker in my layouts isn’t getting any data from the XML I have in /userscripts
Or from the old Xibo 1.7.9 server (xml files just dumped in the www folder)
But it will pick up data from external XML RSS feeds.
I tested this by downloading the working RSS and putting that in my /userscripts folder

I’m running HTTP and the XML files are being called from the fully qualified name in my layouts
and my old server

my clients can see the XML data from InternetExplorer/Edge hitting

Are there some sort of restriction in what will run from the userscripts folder?

I can call an HTML file I have in the userscripts just fine



Interesting, I’d expect it to work in a similar way it did in 1.7 series.

I’m happy to try your layout and some example .xml file you use in my local dev cms and see how it will go - if that’s of interest to you, please do send me those files via private message - it can be toned down to just the ticker on a layout and example .xml file or actually just the .xml assuming that ticker has the correct path to the file then that should not be a problem and I’d need to change it anyway.

I’ve only tested it with (downloaded .xml and placed in /userscripts) that does seem to work fine.

Dragging up an old one but I’ve discovered why it wasn’t working

The XML being pulled from my Sharepoint server was UTF-8 which is why its first line is "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>"
However it seems the default Out-File Powershell command is UTF-16
Fixed by adding “-Encoding utf8” to my Out-File line
I just presumed it was UTF-8 because if the first line of the XML,

As to why my 1.7.9 server was working, the server is running 2012R2 with IIS, IIS failed open and displayed the XML


I see, thank you for the update, I’m glad you’re able to work that out.