RSS ticker not showing

I want to show the title of a RSS feed of a news website, but this doesn’t work. The RSS feed is
I see that the title tag has cdata in it, so I stripped this, but without success.
When I changed the RSS feed to another one
everything is working fine.

I use Xibo 2.0.1. What is wrong with the first RSS feed and how can I solve this?

The first RSS feed URL address is incorrect, please check that you have a correct RSS feed URL.
If you copy paste the one you gave in Google chrome it shows the following error :

I tried ’ completing ’ it with an additional / at the end and also got result the page is not found, see below :

Thanks for your response. What is wrong with the first URL?

The following URL is has the ‘same’ output and is working.

Thank you for your reply. You can check the URL online as we did here :
As you can see it reports different errors and investigating further we scheduled a Layout with this RSS feed in a test CMS only to find in the Log the error Unable to get feed: cURL error 52: Empty reply from server (see . This indicates that the server has some configuration setup preventing things other than web browsers to use this RSS feed, and that’s almost certainly the root cause, validation errors aside. We’d recommend if you can to contact the server admin and explain what software you want to use to display the feed to
see if they would be more flexible in their set up eventually. Good luck!

Hi Nell,

I forwarded your reply to the webmaster of the website. Hopefully he can solve this.


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That’s great, crossing fingers :slight_smile: