RSS Ticker - More then 1 item


I’m developping my own RSS system. I’m outputting my feed as XML, and I need to show 2 itens per ticker.

The first item works fine, but the image of the second item is not working on the client, only in the browser preview. Booth titles are working fine.




Perhaps try to validate your feed here
And try to fix the problem it shows.

Well, I updated my xml and now both itens are been shown.

BUT, I’m struggling with break line. Does the RSS ticker on player preserve line breaks? How can I set line break on the XML in a way that the ticker recognizes?

Try adding an HTML <br> tag, although the feed will strip most formatting so that it can be correctly reformatted in your layout.

Didn’t work. The XML recognizes the <br/> (if use <br> the XML think it is a unclosed item and give errors ) and shows the new line, but the ticker do nothing with it. Don’t break the line neither show the BR tag as text.

I thought it might. It strips out formatting as the idea is you then format the content within Xibo itself. Otherwise for example, if you were showing this as scrolling text going left to right, it would break across multiple lines rather than showing all on one line.

There’s an option to strip additional tags, but that doesn’t help you I’m afraid.

Well… My solution was tu use all text inside the CDATA and use this on my ticker:

document.getElementById('texto').innerHTML = document.getElementById('texto').innerHTML.replace(/\r?\n/g, "<br />");

Althoug the XML wasn’t showing it, the CDATA kept the line break information from the data base. So I could replace this invisible information direct on the post-processed ticker.

I’m not sure why, but it is working now. xD

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