RSS not moving!

I am working with an android player. I configured a RSS feed but I can only see the first item and sometimes other items underneath it. No animation or scroll what so ever despite everything I try like marquee up, right, left etc.

What am I doing wrong?

Please, this is urgent.

I believe I’ve replied to you in your other topic, I don’t think you have the effect selected or the player hasn’t updated the layout since you selected it.

I did ask you some questions as well, in the other topic, you can reply here since you created new topic specifically about this issue.

Ok, thanks.
I can clearly see that the layout is updated since the font size keeps changing when I change the effect.
When I changed to “Tile Slide” I finally see something is moving. Other effects doesn’t work.

How can I change the time between items? I want to make it quicker in order to see it it’s moving.

It will depend on the effect, effect speed and duration

I think only the Marquee effects are not working.

Hello Peter,

As far as I can tell, the RSS is working OK with all the effects besides the Marquee. It’s fine for us but we have another issue. We display RSS in Hebrew and I see that some of the sentences are cut and after that I can see a word from another item so the information and the flow between items is not good.

Any idea?


It should show whole item from the feed, presumably in the feed itself the sentence isn’t cut?

It might also be due to duration perhaps, it’s hard to say when I can’t see it.