RSS images not downloading on Xibo 3.0.3

I’m currently working on xibo 3.0.3 and I have a issu with the Ticker widget.

I try to work whit this RSS flux : (I tried another RSS but still not working).
I’m using the “image overlaid with the Title” model with the basic HTML and CSS code.

I mange to have the text on my screen but not the image. I have like a faild picture icone instead of the real image.

Can you have any idea I can try ?

Best regards.

Up !
Any help ? I’m still stuck with this problem…

Hi Cesar, welcome to the community!

I have been testing with the RSS feed URL in your message and was able to display the images from the feed. To do that I had to tick the disable date sort and Decode the HTML entities in this feed before parsing it options in the Edit Ticker settings. I will provide a transfer link for you in a private message so you can test the layout I created. Please note that I used CMS version 3.0.7 to create the layout.

Many Thanks.

Partial repost of our discussion for the community :
I try a external layout but it didn’t work.
My server and client ar both connected to internet and the xibo version is 3.0.7

I use the trial cloud system with 2 RSS feed : one stable from a national news media and our one we want to screen.

  1. The stable one work fine with both image and text.
  2. Our the text is ok but we have a big red cross in a red circle instead of the image

To be continued…

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