RSS-Feed Stylesheet?

Hello Community! :slight_smile:
i want that my rss feed looks like in the picture.
The editor from the picutrre has the code on his site (Improving an XML feed display through CSS and XSLT - Evagoras Charalambous) but i dont know how to add it to xibo. Can i do this with Xibo?

If you’re using ticker to display the rss feed, then you can configure what items should be displayed on Appearance tab add effect and other settings that you want to it.

Also on appearance tab, under the text editor there is a CSS field to which you can add your CSS to style the data output.

DatasetView also have CSS field (but no text editor), depending on what you need, you can choose between ticker/datasetView.

That most likely won’t be as easy as copy/paste the css from that blog.