RSS Feed is not updating client is 1.7.2 and cms is 1.7.3

I have tried multiple versions, I started with 1.7.4 for both the client and cms. Then I went to 1.7.3 on the cms and client, but now the cms is 1.7.3 and the client is 1.7.2. Prior to updating to version 1.7.4 we were running version 1.4.1 and the RSS Feed works just fine.

We would recommend the newest releases, after an upgrade did you make sure to clear the browser cache and run verify all on modules page?
On report fault page, is everything looking good there or are there any ?
Is the ticker feed not updating only on your player or both CMS and the player?

Please answer the above questions and perhaps have a look here:

In 1.4 series, the RSS feeds are pulled by each Player directly. In 1.7 series, the CMS pulls the feed centrally and then pre-processes it for each Player.

Make sure your CMS has access to the feed URL. Start by seeing if the feed shows up correctly in the Layout Preview. If it does, then the CMS is able to get the feed correctly and then we know you have a problem between the CMS and the Players.

Everything is updating and working just fine on the CMS. If you go to the layout Preview everything is updating like it should. It just not update on the client side. Like I stated earlier I have tried multiple client and cms versions. The only thing I haven’t tried is the 1.4.1 client with the last cms version. I would think that the RSS Feed should work fine with the latest version of both client and cms.

1.7.4 CMS and 1.7.4 Player are the best current combination.

If it works in the Preview then everything should be OK at the Player. As it isn’t then a screenshot of the Player status window would be the first thing we’ll need to see. You press i to bring that up on the client computer.

Make sure you’ve run Verify All on the CMS as this could easily be missing module files (which that will fix)

Where is the Verify All located?

In your CMS please go to ‘Modules’ page and there you will find ‘Verify all’,

okay, got it thanks. There is an x on Library Media for the RSS ticker.

That’s perfectly normal, checkmark(tick) in media column is only for modules that need uploaded content that is saved and can be accessed in library media page in CMS. Following modules will have it, others will have (X)

That being said, if you did run the ‘verify all’ and the issue persists, then please try to capture the screenshot of status window on your device.
As Alex said:

Well I am getting an error saying new users can’t upload images.

There’s nothing to prevent users uploading images in Xibo.

You need to check that you’ve got the permissions correct on the CMS library and that you’ve setup PHP on your server to allow large file uploads. That’s covered at length in the CMS Post Installation Guide which is stickied on the front page of the Community Site at the top.

Does that mean now that you have the Ticker working properly?

If not, please sign up for a demo CMS at Spring Signage and try with that. It should work properly with 1.7.4 CMS and 1.7.4 Player. If that works then that proves it’s an issue with the setup of your CMS and we can troubleshoot from there.

I think he meant that he can’t upload images here on community site :smile:
You can upload it to your googledrive/dropbox/onedrive/similar and share just a link with us here.

Other than that, please do what Alex suggested.

Ah I see. In that case @bparker all you need to do is read a few other threads so you aren’t “new” anymore, and then you will be able to upload images!

Looks like you have your Player and CMS set to use the same library location.

They must be separate folders. So change your Player to use a different folder. You may need to delete any existing layouts and media items and recreate them as the Player will have deleted items from the CMS library location

okay, I have the client’s library at C:\Xibo Library now. Have uninstall and reinstall xibo player and I still have the same error when I open the Client Information and Status window

The Player isn’t going to be able to download files from the CMS when they’ve been deleted from the library.

You will need to delete your layouts and media from inside the CMS and then recreate them from scratch

Really? Wow why do we have to do that?

Because, as I explained already before, when you configured the Player to use the CMS library, when it tried to download some media files, it will have deleted them. Now the CMS may not have some of the assets you uploaded and so the only way to be sure that things will work as expected is to do as I have suggested.

You must never allow anything except the CMS to use or modify files in the CMS library. As soon as that is compromised, then there’s no ‘master copy’ of your media any longer and so the system ceases to work

okay, I have reinstalled client and re-setup the layouts and media. I am still receiving the same error on my client.