RSS feed doesn't work


I have a problem with the RSS feeds under Xibo 1.7.8. The same RSS feed was working successfully the last year. Now the Client only displays a white region.

It could be good to upgrade your CMS to 1.7.9, perhaps also check player status window / CMS logs for any errors related to rss feed resources.

I’m happy to test your feed if you’re willing to share it as well.

Thanks Peter for your fast reply.

I can’t find a Xibo CMS 1.7.9 download. I can only find the player ( Do you know where I can download the 1.7.9 CMS?

The feed works in several rss players and is used by hunderts of people. Furthermore I tried 3 different feeds which didn’t work. So I guess that RSS feed is not the problem.

The ‘Source Code’ from the GitHub link you mentioned is the CMS.

We would need to see status screen on your player and CMS logs to check if there are any errors regarding the feed / resources download etc.

Thank you Peter!

I’ve just found the error. There was a old proxy server listed in the xibo settings.