Rss Feed BBC / CNN news text only, no image [SOLVED]

Dear Community,

I’m trying to get a RSS feed working from BBC and or CNN but at this point I’m only getting Text and no image.
Using other feeds like NASA and local news are working fine.

Links not working:

Links working:

According to the W3 RSS feed validator these seem to be valid links.

Would you be able to pass any hints how to troubleshoot for this issue?



From what I’m deducting from other RSS/image related topics is that the feeds don’t follow a standard in contents.
Meaning that [Link] could contain the image but in case of BBC they follow media:content

  <media:thumbnail width="976" height="549" url=""/>

So basically if thought correctly it is a matter of adjusting the format of the layout.
Would it be correct that the image then is based on [media:thumbnail|url] ?


And after some searching I was able to fix it myself.
So the settings required for CNN and BBC are as such

  • Take the image with text layout
  • Overrule the template, and for image take the following settings:

So in code that would be as such: