RS232 Command for NEC TV Not Working

Hello All,
I’m having problems getting RS232 to work on a test device and am just curious of if anyone ran into problems with it. I have an NEC television that I am testing. I am going from an Intel NUC to a USB to Serial cable to a null modem cable into the serial in on the television. The NEC Power commands copied from the manual (and verified correct in the control manual for my model, as well as correcting the COM # for my device) do not work. Any thoughts on where I can start to troubleshoot this?

Figured this out with some external advice, but posting for others’ reference in case they know nothing about RS-232 like I did. I was given a box of serial cables. Just so happens I snagged one of few “straight through” cables when I initially tested. It was recommended by someone that I try a “Null Modem” cable instead, and it worked perfectly. Thanks to the Xibo Team for implementing this feature as it will save my team a lot of time from needing to run to locations.

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