RS232 Command for LG TV Not Working

I have already read the but it doesnt work.

When i connect my LG TV to my Windows Client (Serial, COM1), which runs the XIBO Player i can control the TV via Putty without any Problems with this Commands:

I have a Problem when i put the command into a Shell Command - i put this command in the Field “Windows Command” - rs232|COM1,9600,8,None,One,None,1|6B 61 20 30 30 20 30 31 0D

Why doenst work this on my Windows 10 client?

Thank You,

Hi Thomas,

I know this is almost 12 months later, but the way I got RS232 commands to work on my displays is by running a powershell script on the local computer that controls the TV.

  1. Make sure the times are correct (one of my displays was off on time and this prevented sending RS232 commands to work).
  2. I used Xibo to execute a powershell script. Using ( PowerShell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File “C:\TurnTvOff.ps1” ) to run my command (bypassing the execution policy is crucial because the script is unsigned).
  3. The script (stored on the C drive of my displayI used was:
    $port=new-Object System.IO.Ports.SerialPort COM4,9600,None,8,one
    $port.WriteLine(“ka 01 00`r”)

for the port you’ll need to use what your PC has (COM1 like you said). “ka 01 00 `r” is for LG tv’s power off.

Hope this helps, I’ve been using it on many of my displays and it works well.

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