Rotate image in 1.8.3


  • I created a layout to display images
  • Before the upload i rotate some of them
  • import all my images
  • change the timing to 5 sec

then when i check the result all images totated previously to the import are displayed in the wrong way :frowning:

When i check the media tab the thumbnail show them in the wrong way but when i download them in windows they are back to the right way

Is there a solution to rotate images in the media tab directly ?

New features perpaps but for the moment just correct the bug and keep the orientation of the imported images should be enought

thanks for your help


I don’t think you ever rotated the images in that case.

Windows is aware of metadata contained in the image that tells the device showing the image which way up the camera was when it was taken. It’s how your phone knows if an image is portrait or landscape.

For Xibo, you’ll need to load your images in to an editing application - such as Paint .net or GIMP - rotate them, and save. Now they are indeed actually rotated in the files they’ll be shown as you expect in Xibo when you upload them again.

This isn’t a bug, and we don’t plan to add photo editing features in to Xibo. There is plenty of freely available software to do that already out there.