Restricting a video to be displayed in a player


You can restrict a video for a particular player or group etc.?

For example: Imagine that I have five player in a city, bad for some reason you do not want a video to appear in one of these 5.

So I want to create a group containing 5 Players and schedule this video to this group,

But I want this video is not displayed on the player # 1, even this player being in the group of 5 players.

I know I can create a campaign for each of the five players and add video in just 4 leaving out the player, but this will cause unnecessary delay, try to repeat several times the same process, I mentioned 5 but could be 50 players, and there, just imagine create agentamentos 50, as will be laborious.

Thank you.

Why not create 2 display groups, or even 3,

  • all devices
  • devices that don’t like this video
  • devices that like this video

Perhaps have 2 campaigns, one with, one without this video and schedule it to appropriate display groups?

Or campaign without layout with video, schedule it to all devices, then schedule the layout with video separately to displays on which you want to show it?

Understand, such solutions work but are not actually appropriate.

The correct and infinitely more practical would be, you can choose individually which player group, this video should not be displayed.

It saves a lot of time and work.

Have tested other systems and they possuel this feature, it’s not complicated to implement.

Feel free to create a feature request with detailed information about it in appropriate section