Restore backup?

Hi, how do i restore a backup in 1.8.1 running Docker on windows? For some reason the antivirus removed my database so all my settings, layouts and displays are gone when i log in. I got files in shared\backup db-2017-05-31_11-28-26.sql.gz and latest.sql.gz in shared\backup\db. But i cant seem to find how i restore these files?

You’re sure that your AV software removed your database files?

There is an issue on Windows where on restart the container contents can appear to be lost. All that is required is to restart the containers (as noted in the manual).

If that doesn’t resolve it, then you can import latest.sql by following the notes to upgrade a non-Docker install to Docker. Your CMS library files will already be in place, so it will simply be a case of:

docker-compose down

Move or delete the shared/db folder
Copy latest.sql in to shared/backup/import.sql

Then start the containers as normal - eg

docker-compose up -d

The containers will be recreated, and your import.sql file loaded in to the SQL container.

Before starting, I’d ensure you have a full backup of the shared folder with the containers stopped (docker-compose stop).

Im trying to restore database from latest.sql (which I moved to shared/backup/import.sql, but it doesn’t create any new folder.
What can I do?
Thanks in advance.

If no new folder is made, then I’d suggest your C: drive isn’t shared correctly with Docker. Please check that, and if necessary unshare and reshare it from the Docker settings.