Rest Api Calls to Change the Text

Dear Team,

We are selling POS Solutions for Restaurants and we are in the market for 5 years.

Our Customers are looking for Digital Signage Solutions integrated with the POS.

I have tried XIBO and it is a perfect fit except how we can change the data in the layout using API or any other means?

I have seen the API but it is not giving the result which we wanted.

Probably, we might have to add own region type to fetch the data from the POS Server URL.

Please guide us and it will be really helpful

It depends on what you want to achieve really.

ie you can have dataSet with remote data source for example.

you can have dataSet with data entered manually and edited either manually or via API

you can have text widget and change the text either manually in web ui or via API.

If you could clarify what exactly do you want to achieve and what have you tried so far we may have some more specific suggestions for you.

Thanks Peter for your Guidance

I will create the Menu Board in XIBO with the Products from the POS.

Whenever there is a change in the Price, the price in the Menu Board should automatically changed.

I would like to change automatically from the XIBO rather than push it from the backend.

Is it possible ?

It would most likely require some integration with the existing POS system, as you’d need to trigger API call when the price changes etc and send appropriate call to the CMS to update the widget that shows the data in Xibo players (most likely dataSet).

If the POS server can serve a json formatted data, then you’d could get away with just using the remote dataSets (with remote source set to that .json ) without any API actions.

Yes it supports