Resolution in portrait mode

Hi there!
I have a 1920x1080 viewsonic screen and an android box but with a portrait layout. The resolution is correct but when i run the app, the resolution appears as 720x1280. then, if i force the resolution to 0,0,1080,1920 in the status it appears as 108x1920 but the content is half displayed as it was in a videowall, show about 1/4 of the content
Thanks for your help

Hi, as explained here: Can I use Portrait Displays?, Xibo for Android can only control rotation on a device if the device supports it.

This devices internal framebuffer is only 720p which may well output 1080p, but internally its running at 720p and then upscaling.

The DSDevices DSCS9 player supports screen rotation, as detailed here: Orientation settings for the DSDevices DSCS9 Player

Thank you

Thanks Natasha!
I fact I’ve been using these players quite frequently. I’ve noticed that even though these last one came with same brand and model, the software looks different and that might be it.
That also explains the fact that if I foce 1080x1920 it will show about 1/4 of the layout?

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