Resolution for Shelf Edge Screens


We are trying to use Shelf Edge Screens to play layouts. screens are android based. Can you please suggest the resolution to be used so that layout can be played in full screen.

one more pics of display with layout playing in middle of the screen. we want to set the resolution in such a way that media should play on full screen.

If player can’t correctly detect the screen resolution when it is set to the default 0 and 0, then you’d need to set it to whatever resolution these screens have, unfortunately I do not know what exact resolution they can output, however I’m sure you can find that out on the device itself or if not then by contacting the manufacturer.

If you open the Status screen in Xibo for Android, what is shown for the screen dimensions.

They’re auto-detected, and should be correct.

Once you know what resolution the screen is, you’ll need to define that resolution in Xibo on the Resolutions page, and then design a layout based on that resolution. It should then fill the screen.

It looks to me as if you’re sending a 16:9 ratio layout to the device at present, and so it will put black bars left and right so that the layout isn’t stretched. When the layout is the correct shape, it will fill the screen properly.