Resizing images in playlist


I want to make a playlist where every 10 seconds displays diffrent image on 1920x1080 TV. The problem is that I have some images bigger than 1920x180 and I can’t resize images which are in playlists. How can I solve this problem?

The errors I get:

POWERPNT_182.png is pending conversion

POWERPNT_183.png is pending conversion

POWERPNT_184.png is pending conversion

POWERPNT_185.png is pending conversion

POWERPNT_186.png is pending conversion

POWERPNT_187.png is pending conversion

POWERPNT_188.png is pending conversion

POWERPNT_189.png is pending conversion

Check the value in Xibo CMS → Settings → Defaults → Resize Threshold

Resize Threshold
The maximum dimensions to be considered when an image is resized, based on the longest side

I did this but it doesn’t fix the problem. When I try to put image above 1920x1080, the image will be normally resized to 1920x1080 as I have configured in settings. The error occurs only when I try to put images above 1920x1080 in playlist. I tried in design to set resolution to 4K UHD Landscape and I set resolution of playlist to 4k aswell, but I still get this error.

I really appreciate your help. Thanks

Have you installed the CMS via Docker? If not, please ensure that XTR is properly set up and running correctly.

Navigate to the Tasks page in your CMS and verify the status, particularly the Image Processing task. Is the task disabled? When was it last run, and what was the runtime?

Could you provide a screenshot of the page for further assistance? Additionally, some log files (such as the PHP error log) would be helpful!

Right now I’m installing Docker on Ubuntu. When I run command docker-compose up -d I get this error: Pulling cms-memcached (memcached:alpine)…
ERROR: Head “”: Get “”: read tcp xxx.xx.x.xx:37296-> read: connection reset by peer.
I’m installing docker by yours guide Xibo CMS with Docker on Ubuntu 22.04, i have the same version of Ubuntu (22.04).

Can you help me with these if you can please. Thanks.

Something is blocking your access to download container images from Docker Hub. Could be a firewall or proxy of some sort.