Replays do not work in version 1.8

Replays do not work in version 1.8


I have 5 Layouts of 15 seconds each. 1,2,3,4,5,
All were booked for daypart "Aways"
I set the “5” to repeat every 3 minutes, like this:
Repetitions: Per minute
Repeat every: 3

But it does not work, layout 5 is repeated along with the others infinitely:
12345, 12345, 12345, 12345 … …

I want it to repeat itself:
12345, 1234, 1234,
12345, 1234, 1234.

What am I doing wrong?.

Just so everything is perfectly clear about ‘always’ daypart -

How did you schedule that? Are all 5 layouts in a campaign or does each layout have individual event created?

It could be better to have them in a campaign and have an event scheduled for whole campaign and then adjust durations on layouts so the 5th one will be displayed every 3min if that’s required.

So all layouts are individual.

I thought about creating a campaign, and adding each layou every 3 minutes, but this would become laborious in case of maintenance of the layouts. Would have to modify one by one.

Anyway, how to use the display order helps in this matter. Not ideal, but helps.

Have thought about offering the possibility of scheduling a display to “at least” every X minutes.
At a minimum, it means that if a video is playing when reaching X miniutos, the schedule will wait until the end of this video to be displayed. And then start counting again for the next X minutes.