Replaced media does not update on display if included in campaign

I have a display scheduled (always) to play a campaign with two layouts. One of the layouts contains 1 media item (a video). If the media is replaced with a new video (with “Update this media in all layouts it is assigned to?” and “Delete the old version?” both checked), the player does not update to the new media until the scheduling is changed to any other layout and then back to the campaign (Edit&Save campaign works as well).

This behavior existed in 1.8.2 and still exists after updating to 1.8.3 (both docker installs). Was hoping that a similar bug fixed in 1.8.3. would solve the issue --> Campaigns - display cache is not cleared correctly #1300 - but does not appear to be the case.


Have you got the “Expire Modified Layouts” setting turned on in the Display Settings Profile?

Yes, the box is checked for “Expire Modified Layouts”

Instead of adjusting the schedule, please go to the Displays page, and edit the display in question, save (making no changes).

Does it then update as you expect?

Going to the Displays page, selecting edit on the display in question, and save (making no changes) does not update the player. Again, going to the Schedule page, selecting to edit the relevant event, and clicking save (making no changes) does immediately update the player.

I think just editing the display would have worked if you’d waited for a collection. Editing the schedule also triggers a collect now event via XMR which is why it triggers the update instantly.

Let me see if I can replicate here.

I can replicate it. Editing and saving the display clears the display cache. The Player will then show the correct content on next collection, or if you select “Collect Now” from the menu.

I should have thought to wait for collection. You spoiled us with XMR - we now expect instantaneous results. Thanks!

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