Replace existing media with new media


I have several layouts which have a region showing a common video. In theory when I update the video in one of the layouts then the video should change in all layouts. However when I upload a replacement video non of the layouts show the new video and checking in the shared/cms/library folder the original wmv file is still there the new one I’ve uploaded hasn’t appeared. So firstly can I check I’m attempting to do this correctly. I’ve just updated to 1.8.6 in case this was a bug and also I’m now getting an error message.

In the cms I click on media on the left column just under library . I locate my media in the right hand window. I select edit from the drop down. This opens a window with the name of my video, duration, Tags, tick box for retire this video, tick box for update this media in all layouts it is assigned to.

So I tick “Update this media in all layouts it is assigned to” and then click replace.

It then opens another window entitled “upload media”

There is an “add replacement” , “Start Replace” and "Cancel Replace"
Under this is another tick box “Update this media in all layouts it is assigned to” and another one “Delete the old version”. I’ve tried every combination of ticking or not ticking these boxes. Also not sure why the necessity for “Update this media check boxes” in both first and second windows.
I then select my video file and click the upload button, again I’ve tried the one next to the file and the one at the top of the screen.
I see progress information including bits per second. My video file is 97.44 Megabytes.
I’ve tried this many times, previously without an error however I’m now getting an error message once the upload completes -

SQLSTATE[21000]: Cardinality violation: 1242 Subquery returns more than 1 row

I click on done when completed. The original video file remains.

As I’ve been having problems both with this and many other problems, I’m wondering if I should start with a blank xibo install.

Any help gratefully received.



It isn’t - the “Replace” button opens an entirely new form and closes the previous one.

If you didn’t tick “Delete the old version” then you’d expect the old one to still be there. In either case you’d expect the new one to be there.

That isn’t good news! Something has become corrupted.

If you’re agreeable you could ZIP up your entire docker folder and send it to, PM us the link and we will spin it up and see what’s wrong with it. Unfortunately we’re really busy, so it might take us as while to get to it.

My Apologies - I thought I replied to this.
As for this site I only had one display and around 8 layouts , all very similar, and about 10 schedule changes. I installed a fresh copy of the latest xibo and redid them all.
Thank you for clarifying the position relating to replacing media.

Jeremy (bullfrog)