Repeats does not function as expected

Hi guys,
i have got a scheduling issue with version 1.8.1 (both CMS and Windows player).
Please see the attached images,
I am scheduling a content to be displayed weekly at specific days, it should start at 06:00 and should end at 15:00 but it never ends, it keeps playing :worried:

Any help will be extremely appreciated.

Your event end time is the 26th Feb - 7 days after the start time. I think you want that to be the same day - i.e. the 19th.

Hi Dan,
it is a weekly schedule, isn’t it suppose to be one week period?
or should it be scheduled for a day?

Your start and end time cover the whole week, and yet you want to repeat each weekday? It doesn’t make sense as it is configured at present.

You want a weekly repeat, on those specific days and the event itself wants to last only the time it should be shown (i.e. 1 day between those hours)

Start: 2018-02-19 06:15
End: 2018-02-19 15:00
Repeat Weekly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Repeat every 1 Week
Until the end of the year

my mistake was that i did not set the start and end date correctly.
Many thanks Dan!
very much appreciated.

I am however a bit confused,
If i set weekly, this will be the procedure but what about when i set or monthly?
How do i set the start and end when i need to do it hourly or monthly?

Many thanks in advance

The procedure is always the same - you configure the start and end date to represent the single event and then repeating to replicate that event out.

Think about them the same as if you schedule a meeting in Google/Office Calendar - a 2PM to 4PM meeting that happens once a month - you would not say from 1st March 2PM until 1st April 4PM, repeating monthly… you’d say 1st March 2PM to 1st March 4PM repeating monthly.

Make sense?

Thanks Dan! :smile:
This is very clear now.

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