Render issues on 11th Gen Intel processors

Player Version

Windows v2 R258


As described in Dataset Ticker on device with 11th gen Intel CPU - Get Help / Xibo Player for Windows - Xibo Community we still have issues with rendering texts, clock and ticker (maybe more) with the latest player version and the latest Intel GFX driver ( on a dell Optiplex 7090 ultra.

Should the updated intel driver fix this issue or does the player also need an update?

I have exactly the same issue. I was even been able to get this working with betadrivers of Intel, but since the latest windows updates, it broken again.

Still having this problem. Trying to roll out new clients which have 11th gen CPU’s. So this problem is becoming a showstopper for further roll out of Xibo in our hospital.

Are there any steps I can take to investigate this problem?
Tested with:

  • Dell OptiPlex 7090 Ultra i5-1145G7
  • Windows 10 enterprise 1909
  • Intel Iris XE driver igfx_win_100.9684
  • Xibo CMS 2.3.10
  • Xibo player (several but last tested with) 3 R301.1

Any help is appreciated!

If updating the driver resolves the issue, then the problem is not on Xibo’s side and you will therefore need to upgrade the driver.

Intel are well known for having buggy graphics drivers, particularly the ones that Windows ships via Windows Updates. You’re much better off running with the drivers direct from Intel.

For the 3 R301.1 Player, it’s worth checking that the WebView2 components have been correctly installed

You can download them here: Webview2 - Microsoft Edge Developer

(It is the x86 version that is needed)

Hi Natasha, Thank you for your comments and sorry for my late reply. In the mean time I’ve been testing with a clean install of windows 10 (only TrendMicro installed) and the latest Intel driver ( I also (re)installed Webview2, as you suggested.

Unfortunately I’m still encountering the issue. After startup of the player the first couple of layouts are rendering fine, but after a few minutes things will be rendered uncomplete. Mostly images, video (and backgounds) are rendered ok, but text widgets are not.

We’re so pleased with Xibo and all it’s possibilities (connecting to Sharepoint and MS SQL gives a world of opportunities :slight_smile: ) but this issue spoils the fun :frowning:.

I’m suprised that there’s not al lot of other users having this issue!?
Are there any further steps I can take to debug this problem? Hope you can help once more!

Thanks, Harm

I have discussed this with our support team who have not seen this elsewhere and unfortunately do not have any further suggestions at this point.

However, the latest Intel driver is 9864 so it would be worth upgrading to that and seeing if that does resolve the issues you are experiencing.

Do let us know how you get on!


the latest version will fix the issue that 11th gen GPU has with CEFSHARP.

I have given up… Can’t get it working properly.
The processor in the Dell Optiplex Ultra (1145G7) is not mentioned at the Intel driver updates. Don’t know if this is by mistake or deliberately.

For now it is back to older PC’s with 10th gen processors. I will test again somewhere in the future, possibly with other type of 11th gen processor.

Thanks for your comments and advice.

Have really updated everything? Also BIOS updates?
I have now running 4x 11th gen Intel NUC’s and 5 more are going to be prepared.

Yes, updated everything there was to update (as far as I know). Ran the Dell maintenance app and installed all recommended updates and the more (beta driver etc).
Could you check the exact processor model in your NUC’s; I’m curious :slight_smile:

Hi all, just wanted to give you an update following further reported issues with 11th Gen. The following issue has been created:

Hi @natasha

Thanks for opening this issue (I created this ticket).

For others, there is a workaround available, however!! graphic isn’t smooth anymore, so running movies or other animation things, you will notice a stutter, but other things are working. All you have to do is Disabling hardware acceleration in the Windows* registry.

Still having issues with this topic. Intel claims the latest drivers have fixed the issue, but we are still seeing text disappearing after a movie has played. We have tried disabling HW acceleration as a workaround, but then the movies play slow and also become unusable. Any further updates on this?

no there is not.

It’s not the fault of Intel. CefSharp and other elements are the problem in this case. Please read

they say specific drivers are able to fix this, for me the problem is still there!

Any news on this issue? It is still there for us as well. And we are running out of older PC’s … :frowning:

The issue is with the dot net Framework and Intel’s drivers, there’s nothing we can do to influence them fixing that. The article you have linked has reports from users where the problem is solved in a specific driver version and then broken again in a later driver release, so I’d try using the specific driver that they mention.

Hi Natasha, I did try the older versions, but without succes. Now thinking about ordering a PC with UHD graphics so I can test. Anyone experience with those kind of chips?

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