Dataset Ticker on device with 11th gen Intel CPU

Player Version

2 R256.7


We have an IT store and we use Xibo as digital price tags on our laptops. It’s a layout with a few dataset tickers (for laptop specs and stuff), 2 dataset views (for optional accessories) and some simple text and video regions.

For a long time it worked perfectly, and it still does on devices that dont’t have an 11th gen Intel CPU. On these devices everything in the layout works but the dataset tickers dont. The regions just stay blank. Every once in a while it loads the dataset tickers and it works for a few minuts, then it goes blank again.

A “solution” we found is to disable the onboard graphics card in device manager. Then it keeps working until a windows update enables the graphics card again. This isn’t a great solution because the backlight of the display is super dark and not controllable.

Anyone any ideas?

Extra info we found on GitHub:

I had a quick look at the issue you link. Broadly it sounds like it’s an issue between Intel and CEFsharp. Once it’s fixed there we should be able to fix it in Xibo (if the fix comes from CEFsharp), but it sounds like it’s more likely a fix in the graphics driver that is required.

We encountered the same issue (player 2.256.7) . Is there already a fix or will there be a fix in the near future?

The issue is still open with CEFsharp so until they fix it, we can’t I’m afraid.

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