Remote Monitoring/Access Feature


I speculate that for example, one location is installed for digital signage. Is it possible that CMS could monitor the activity of sign on this location?

If sign is not played, does CMS know that sign is not played ?

Also, Does CMS could control and reset window client remotely?


The CMS can alert you if a Player stops connecting for it’s updates per the schedule you’ve configured. That should tell you if the Player or the PC it’s running on isn’t working for some reason.

You can also request a screenshot be sent back to the CMS so you can see what state the machine is in.

There’s also a watchdog application for the Windows Player which can be run to ensure the Windows Player is restarted if it stops working correctly.

We don’t include remote control software for Windows. There’s lots of options out there at varying price points for Windows - Remote Desktop/RDP, VNC, TeamViewer. You should select whichever of those best suits your environment.

Hello Alex

Thank you.