Remote data set - Unauthorized


i get the following error with remote data set test:

Error making request. Client error: GET http://username:*** resulted in a 401 Unauthorized response: {“errors”:{"-":[“User is not authorized.”]}}

I have tested Basic/NTLM/Digest. Nothing works. Every time the same error.

The 401 Unauthorized response suggests that the Client has not provided the authentication credentials needed to access the Dataset. If you select the Dataset option in your CMS, then click the down facing arrow at the end of the Dataset row, you can choose the Edit option from the drop down menu. This will open the Edit Dataset window. Select the Authentication tab and choose the appropriate authentication option for your Dataset.

Please note you will need version 1.8.10 or newer to use this option, if you currently have an older version of your CMS/Player, you will need to upgrade them.

Many Thanks.

I have the answer for my question. I need a sessionid befor. i have asked it in this post: