Regular Maintenance Task isn't status ok and not last run

I’ve installed Xibo in Xampp with W10 with the xtr.php programmed task scheduler according to the instructions. The other tasks are executed correctly.

Error in the log of Xibo: Timed out task detected, marking as timed out. TaskId: 2.

Its not able to run for some reason - can you enable logging (or put your CMS in test mode in settings) and then look at the Log filtered by Channel = CONSOLE

This will show any error messages running tasks and might help narrow down the problem.

I’ve activated debug mode and this task (ID 2) starts run, it’s stays running and does not seem to finish.

The others task starts, runs and end correctly.

Are you running XMR? A common cause of what you’re experiencing is that XMR is configured and not running or configured incorrectly.

Can you check that your XMR public and private addresses are empty in CMS settings?

I have ZeroMQ installed and running. Xmr.phar is running permanently and the private and public IP are correct.
The W10 scheduler log says that the xtr.php task starts and ends correctly.
The log levels in setup are Error mode and Xibo is Production mode and no records are produced.

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Perhaps you could try running the task manually to see if you get any output from that. In a console run

php bin/run.php 2

2 being the taskId

You could also try the above with the CMS in test mode, which may well give more output.

I have executed that and it finishes correctly without appearing any message, it does the same as if it executed #1 or #3 tasks.

I fixed it when updating to 1.8.6!


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OK - i’m pleased its working.