RegisterDisplay Invalid Character Error

Xibo 1.8.0
Client OS : Windows 10 home edition

Has worked until now and suddenly came the problem. Screenshots are possible.

Yesterday I had the problem. Could only repair by installing a new CMS

Is this docker installation or custom installation (ie without docker)?

Do you have XMR configured?

Custom installation.
XMR is configured.
Screenshots is possible.

If access to my CMS is desired, then I can send the data by e-mail.

Could you please let me know if you have any commands assigned to your display/display profile?

If you do, could be please show me the command string you use?

That’s most likely what causing problems.

In the time being please empty that command line

It’s a bug and we’ve logged it, as commands assigned to display profile should not cause the registerDisplay errors, but they do.

After deleting the command “shutdown -r -t 0” under commands menu, the error no longer occurs.

Thanks for the feedback. We have the issue logged here: