Regions sometimes show as grey boxes

Sometimes some of the regions on my layout seem to display as grey boxes every so often. It seems to only be regions where the content is static for a few minutes such as a date region and time region. Other regions such as a static image/text or constantly moving regions (scrolling rss feed) display without fail.

Having the regions refresh doesn’t seem to help as it seems to rotate between a working state then a broken state (grey box).

Could you please tell us what CMS and client are you using?

Could you perhaps show us a screenshot of the issue?
Also screenshot if client’s status window could be helpful.

Hi Peter,

Below is an example of what I mean outlined in red:

Running both 1.7.6 client (windows 10) and server (server 2012). Issue persists even when CEF is selected as browser.

CEF - we won’t recommend it.

Could you install IE 11 and make this change in windows registry - Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

After that perhaps click ‘verify all’ from modules page in CMS.

Could you also please tell me what extension your background image has? (it should be .jpg for windows client)

Our clients are all running the latest version of internet explorer 11. I guess I can still try verify the modules. The background is a .jpg sourced from the XIBO client exchange.

Hi Peter,

Looks like our clients had CEF enabed so the glitches don’t seem to be occurring now. However one thing I have noticed is the RSS feed is rough when scrolling and not smooth when CEF is enabled. Also it is a lot slower.

CEF should be disabled, IE11+ that registry change (browser emulation) should do just fine.

As for the RSS feed are you using marquee effect? They are more resource consuming, you could try change speed/duration values to smoother the playback. I am also not clear if that was an issue with CEF enabled or disabled?

Hi Peter,

Yes we are using the Marquee effect. We get nice smooth scrolling at a readable pace, not too fast not too slow. With CEF disabled the scolling is rough and marquee is just way to slow, speeding it up just makes the scrolling rougher.

Just to clarify, you did that change in the windows registry (browser emulation) ?

I mean marquee effect are more resource consuming, but it shouldn’t be that bad on a PC.

Hey Peter,

Yes we have those options set in the registry of those computers. The scrolling isn’t as smooth as it is in the CMS. I also noticed the speed is different. So in the preview the text is going quite fast but on the actual clients its obviously scrolling at a different speed.