Regions Refresh Rate


I heve a question about the refresh rate of regions.
I have a layout with 2 regions:

  • region1 with a video (3600s)
  • region2 with text(20s)

lets assume i made a mistake on the text and need to change it, when will it be refreshed on the display? After region1 (3600s) the longest region or after region2(20s)?

Basically I’m asking if regions refresh after their own time or after the total duration of the layout.


depends on you update window you have configured on the display.
If the update windows is within the selected hours, it will update your layouts immediately.

The trick is that changing something in the layout, it will replace the layout, so a new Layout ID is generated instead of the region only.
If you have something dynamic configured as in RSS feed or display of a URL, it will refresh the region every 20s.

What do you mean by “update window”?

Another example of what I need to know is:

-region1-> video with 3600s
-region2-> image1 10s + image2 10s

If I go to layout->check out->add image3 to region2-> publish layout when does image3 will appear in the display?
After the 3600s of region1 (that is the duration of the layout) or after 20s (that is the duration of region2)?


Basically, in the update window you choose an interval in which your equipment will be authorized to download content.
(by default this is from 00:00 to 00:00, i.e. all the time)

Now if you want to know how often the device sends requests to be updated, it depends on the “Collect Interval” you configure.
It can be every 5 minutes, 10 minutes in 10 minutes, etc.

You find these settings in the “Display Settings” menu.

Read the documentation below, it will solve exactly the question you created in your topic.

Display Settings | Xibo Digital Signage.

Olá Paulo,
Obrigado pela ajuda.

Quando o layout está a correr no display cada região é atualizada quando o layout chega ao final, ou se eu alterar alguma coisa numa região que tenha uma duração mais curta ela é logo alterada?

Espero que me esteja a conseguir explicar bem…
Acho que ainda não perceberam a minha dúvida :smile:

Paulo just said exactly how the update of the layout works.

But if you have read my post, it will update immediately when changing your layout. It will not wait until the duration is done of 3600s.However, if you changed the update window, only than it will change your layout whenever needed.

So if i change the contents of only one region of the layout that region will update immediately and not only when the total duration of the layout ends?


In short: Any changes you make to the layout are immediately applied to the layout (when you publish the changes).

however, it will only be reflected on your equipment according to the interval collection.

Your whole layout will be updated including all untouched regions. Because the regions you have created are part of the layout you are publishing.

Does this make sense now?

Also Paulo is correct, the update only appears after your interval collection time. Mine is now configured to check every few minutes. But it will update your layout and start over again, it does not play until the end of the region.

Thank You Paulo and Vishal.

I was asking the wrong question… :grinning:

I know that the changes I make in the layout are immediately applied to the layout after published.
What I meant to ask is when that changes will take effect on the display? Only after the end of the layout, or at the end of the duration of the region I changed?

My update window is the default from 00:00 to 00:00
Collect Interval 5min.

Thanks for your patience

If you have XMR configured correctly, the change is made basically in real time if the player has already finished downloading the new content you have inserted. So, I think the answer is: it depends on when the player finished downloading the updated content. Once the download is complete, it starts displaying the content.

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