Region size and position data corrupted while designing layout?

On Friday afternoon while demonstrating how to create a layout to an end user at their office, I encountered some region-size and position corruption.

I created a new layout in the designer, resized the initial region, and created four more regions. As I was creating them, I would move the regions to approximately where they should appear. Once that was done, I went into one region’s timeline and assigned an image to it, then I went into another region’s timeline and assigned a digital clock to it. So far everything was normal. Then I went into one region’s options to fine-tune its size and position. The region’s size and position data in its upper right corner looked fine on the layout view, but in the region’s options window they were completely wrong. I closed the region options without making any changes but it was too late. All the regions’ sizes and positions data in the layout were corrupt.

Here are snips from the layout.xml file from the exported layout.

layout width=“1920” height=“1080” resolutionid=“9” bgcolor="#000000" schemaVersion=“2”

region id=“597ba6bc5ad80” userId=“3” width=“1002947368421” height=“1080” top=“0” left=“0”

region id=“28746597ba6e351f7f” userId=“3” width=“30063157894737” height=“15663157894737” top=“2216447368421” left=“10075164473684”

region id=“13285597ba7006ca4b” userId=“3” width=“30063157894737” height=“15284210526316” top=“22048519736842” left=“13099095394737”

region id=“3770597ba711d6637” userId=“3” width=“30063157894737” height=“15663157894737” top=“21905427631579” left=“16145970394737”

region id=“13361597ba75a8e079” userId=“3” width=“33347368421052” height=“15031578947368” top=“72532894736842” left=“15746546052632”

I thought this might simply be a case of a random internet error so I deleted the layout and started over again. The same corruption happened.

CMS 1.7.5 (yes I know it’s not the latest 1.7.x, but I’m not confident in my ability to perform the database changes necessary to update to the latest.)
Browser: Chrome on Windows 7.

Has anyone seen such corruption?

I don’t remember this issue, assuming that you haven’t set the width/height manually to those values, then that’s really odd.

It’s entirely possible that it’s a bug in earlier 1.7 version and it was fixed in the newer ones, as I said I do not remember seeing it though.

Upgrading your CMS 1.7.5-> 1.7.9 should not be too hard
You won’t need to make db changes (we would suggest making a backup/ clone but that’s all).

Then confirm if the issue still persists for you in 1.7.9.

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Thank you Peter.

The issue is very rare. I’ve not been able to reproduce this error since I reported it. I haven’t changed anything server-side. I suspect it’s from an error of some sort, when communicating with the server.

Another issue we sometimes see is that when we select to design an existing layout, all its regions are drawn at location 0,0. If F5 is pressed, to refresh the webpage, the regions are drawn at their proper locations. Again, I suspect his is some sort of communication error with the server.

I had a look through older gitHub issues, but I don’t see anything directly related to this.

It might be hard to pinpoint the root cause, since I don’t think we’ve seen it before, upgrade to 1.7.9 certainly would not hurt, other than that, perhaps @dan may have some ideas.

The regions are drawn server side on load - i can’t think of any reason why you’d get those drawn in the wrong places. The other issue has all the hallmarks of a glitch with the javascript. Without it being a repeatable problem, its very difficult to track down.

There will have been some changes between 1.7.5 to 1.7.9, so as Peter says that is well worth a try.