Recommended 4K Player

Hello Xibo-community,

we are looking for suitable clients which can support a 3840x2160 resolution.

The client should be very small, so we can hide it under the public display. Ideally would be one of this hdmi-dongle pc’s, so we don’t have to worry about the assembling of the client under the display.

We already informed us about the second generation of the Intel Compute Stick (STK2m3W64CC), are there any xibo-users who can recommend this stick?

Maybe there exists some possible android clients, which match our requirements?

Thank you.

i have lot of experiences about 4K players.
haven’t seen one that runs smooth :frowning:
you could perhaps try this,

This player is reliable and good but you will need to pay attention of how you create the content.
Specially if you are using,
Flash and HTML5 content

Hello Bluebell,

thanks for the information.

Our content will only be images (later pdf-files).

According to my experiences of doing lot of 4K walls,
a 4K image which is 3840x2160 will also require performance form the system and therefor,
I do recommend AOpen DE6140 with 8GB RAM, SSD Drive and the faster AMD CPU (there are two types offered for this particular device)

Another recommendation will be,
iBase SI-304

  • daniel

Currently, Xibo does not work with Android TV, but when it will, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV is definitively the best 4K player I have experienced.