Re connecting player to new CMS

Hi People
So I’ve setup a whitelabel CMS in our webserver with a SSL certificate. All of which seems good.

However though I am experiencing issues trying to setup the player. I have a whitelabel version of that as well and although I have .NET 4.5 on my player I am unable to connect.

I get an error stating…
The underlying connection was closed. An unexpected error occurred on send.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated, am still very new to Xibo, so am hoping I am missing something simple.
Thanks Paul

I assume you’re trying to connect the player with https url?

Can you reach the CMS address in the web browser on the PC with Xibo player?

It might also depend on what kind of SSL certificate you have, for example for the TSL 1.2 there are some registry changes required Enable TLS 1.2 / Strong Crypto in Windows .net Player

I’d also like to know if it is self-signed certificate or "trusted’/‘proper’ certificate, if it is the latter are the intermediate certificates installed correctly as well?

If there are cert chain problems then the following should help you identify (and fix) the issue
Test your server here

That should tell you where the issue is, if it’s issue with certificate chain, you can test it here

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your pointers…

I CAN reach the CMS address and access the CMS admin screen from the player in a browser.

I have added in the required addition to the registry for .NET 4.5 but its still failing now I get a different error…
“The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found.”

The certificate is a Lets Encrypt certificate, to be sure all was ok I ran the test you suggested and it all came back including the chain

I hope this new information will help.

Many Thanks Paul

Interesting that would imply that player can’t resolve the CMS address provided.

Could you confirm what CMS version is it? (I assume 1.8 series)
and is it docker or manual installation in this case?

If it is manual installation do you have /web in the CMS address? If you do please see -