Raspberry Pi 3 with Xibo CMS

Hey guys,
this will be my first contact with Xibo.
Do you guys know if the Xibo CMS in running on a Raspberry Pi 3?
I want to have one Raspberry Pi as a media server whose media should be display on 3 different monitors. All 3 monitors should display different media. Do you guys know anything about this?

Greets and thank you

You could potentially run the CMS on a Raspberry PI. Installing Raspian and then following the install guide would be the way forward on that.

You would then connect your 3 different Players (Windows or Android based) to your CMS. We don’t support Players on the Pi - the reasons for which have been covered extensively in the past.

Hi alex! Can we use the Xibo player on Raspberry Pi 3 if we install Windows 10 IoT as its operating system? Thank you!

It may work. We don’t test or support Windows 10 IOT but others here may have experience of it.