Question about multiple setups (new to Docker)

Hi guys. Just installed the newest CMS on a ubuntu server, it works fine. Not used to Docker though.
Now I’m curious on how to run multiple CMS’s on this server. With subdomains and whatnot. Any guide on this or did I miss it the docs?


So for each instance you want to run, make a new directory and do a fresh install in each. As long as the directories have different names, docker-compose will name them accordingly, and will ensure isolation.

Have them all bind to, etc for the web interface, and differnent high-numbered ports for the XMR public address.

Then sit a reverse proxy lisening on port 80/443 in front, such that requests for go to, requests for go to

There’s an example in the Ubuntu guide. You’d simply define additional vhosts for each domain, pointing to the correct local port.

Thank you Alex for clearing it up a bit for me. I will look into this right now!

Have a nice weekend :beers:

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