Quality of layout is bad when we use multiple images and regions in single layout


I was trying to make a layout with multiple regions and images inside regions.

More than 50 elements was used while making it.All the images are in PNG format. And then it was uploaded inside minix neo X5 devices to see final output.

Surprisingly the quality of image was bad and it got stretch.

While uploading the quality that was used was 50*50 pixel.

Once it was uploaded the quality was 55*54 pixel. (we check it via cache files)

What good be the reason for such kind of behaviour when many elements are used in making layouts.
Is it due to APK or device issue???

Please help me in solving this issue.

So you have a lot of small images in small regions on your layout?
That might not look too good, although the images quality should be the same on the display as it was when you uploaded them. Unless you put small images in a much bigger region.

What’s your CMS and Xibo for Android version please?

General guideline regarding images - Displaying Images

Android app version 1.7 R54
CMS version 1.7.4

We tried reducing the number of images to 10 still have the same issues. We also made sure that the region is not larger than the actual image dimensions.

Hello Peter,
After following below steps, still quality of images are not good and getting stretch.

** @@ -412,7 +412,7 @@ function MediaFormInitUpload(dialog) {**
** // Initialize the jQuery File Upload widget:**
** $(’#fileupload’).fileupload({**
** url: url,**
- disableImageResize: false
+ disableImageResize: true
** });**

** // Upload server status check for browsers with CORS support:**

Is there is functionality in APK of Xibo where it’s automatically resize the image quality??

Please provide steps to follow to solve this issue.

It would be best to use 1.7.8 CMS and 1.7 R61 Xibo for Android.
Re-upload images to make sure they stay with the correct resolution in CMS library.

Then confirm that it’s still an issue.

If it is, next step would probably be to export your layout and send it us to test.

Thank you Peter for your reply.

As per your shared information it would be best to use 1.7.8 CMS and 1.7 R61 Xibo for Android.

I have question related to it.

We are currently using Android app version 1.7 R54 and CMS version 1.7.4. My more than 160 live devices running via this version.

If i update it than what would be the impact on 160 plus live devices.??

Any kind of down time will happen.

If you update the CMS, then everything should be fine, no down time (small window in which CMS will not be fully accessible - while you run the update wizard).

As for android clients, if they are rooted, you can update them via CMS, please see ‘Auto-update on Rooted Devices or DSDevices Hardware’ section of this post Upgrading Xibo for Android

If they aren’t rooted then you would need to manually install 1.7 R61 on top of your existing version (do not uninstall it).
That also shouldn’t cause any interruptions (well a moment to upgrade version of course, but that’s all).

Let’s say we updated the CMS version, do we need to update the Android app in all the devices?

Perhaps not ‘need’ like it’s not required, but it could help, all new software versions have quite a big number of bug fixes etc.

got it. thanks for the quick response Peter. we will update the CMS and see if it solves our image quality issue