QR-CODE Improvements

Hello DAN

Obviously this familiar with the QR-CODE usage possibilities for Digital Signage.
In Xibo we have this feature secondarily within the text editor.

I think we could have as an item to include in the region, as well as Ticker, Video, Image and etc …
There are many options and we could have on the screen the types of commands and an interface that helps the user.

Example: http://sixrevisions.com/web-development/qr-codes-uri-schemes/


  1. URL
  2. SMS
  3. mail
  4. Skype CALL
  5. Facetime CALL
  6. Add Contact

There are many options, here are some references. What do you think of the idea? There is interest in something in this line, we can support the development financially.

Absolutely - we’d be very keen to explore this in more detail.

There are libraries we could look at to generate the QR-Code as a “module resource” and associate it with the some HTML downloaded to the player. An example is: https://github.com/endroid/QrCode.

Perhaps you could drop Spring Signage a message with your ideas on time scales and whether you’d want it back ported into 1.7?


Hello Dan, thanks for the comment.

I’d love to see the possibilities for the QR-code feature.
It would be interesting to see something in 1.7, for migration to the 1.8 we would do after performing many tests in the stable release. I believe that this should only happen at the end of the year.

If possible give me a cost estimate that would be in their interest to support the development?

Sure - we can take up commercial conversations in private.


ok Dan
I await your email with details of what we could help and what would be
possible in features.

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