Qlik Report Dashboard in Web Page Module

I am putting in a link to a web page that updates dynamically. From what I can gather, the site uses websockets. For some reason, the player will show the web site just fine for three times. On the third page cycle, I can see the markup on the page but the session on the web site is broke and new data isn’t loading.

Any ideas why a dynamic web site would be losing session/web sockets and erroring out after only showing successfully three times?

What player are you using please?

Is the page available over the internet or is it internal?

The page is only available on our intranet, which the player is also connected to. We are using the latest greatest on the player, 1.8.8. Now, I did experiment with player 1.7.9. On that player, I can set it to run in CEF mode and it works. However, I want it to work on the latest player so I can keep current on your product release updates.

Support for CEF was removed in 1.8 series players, we were never quite happy with how that feature was working.

If it does not work in IE in 1.8 series player and it only works with CEF on 1.7 series player, then at least until something like CEF is developed for new windows player I’d suggest using the 1.7.9 with CEF.

Alternatively you could try manipulate the IE websockets registry entries to try and make it work for you with 1.8 player.