[Python 1.6.x Client] Overlay of a (running) text triggered by a script clientside?


As the Topic said, i use the Python 1.6.x Client and would have different changeable Text-Overlays, ideally running Texts if they are to wide but this isn’t a must, above the advertise Screens. This should be triggered and executed totally on the Client side. I have switches on that System, read by GPIOs, and they can e. g. trigger a Script which should blend in that extra text Information above the Ads, e. g. “No Service” on a customer desk.

Is this possible? And when yes, how?


Python client is no longer officially developed/supported, we don’t recommend using it.

That being said, perhaps someone from the community had similar issue and will reply here.

There’s nothing in the Python client that would allow you to add an overlay to an existing layout without making code changes I’m afraid.

Overlay layouts are a feature that will land in the 1.8 series of Xibo which will do exactly as you want. You would need to use a Windows or Android Player to go with that 1.8 CMS though once it’s released.